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About Us

About Panetteria

Panetteria is dedicated to the production of frozen pastries, high quality breads and top class bakery products. The goal at Panetteria has always been to transform the bakery industry through the use of new refrigeration technologies. Our focus on frozen dough gives advantage to our customers as is a product that remains in a non-perishable condition, thus ensuring optimum quality at the best price with maximum ease of use.

Our Mission

Our aim is to make fresh bakery products accessible to every consumer, by relying on state of the art technology to produce the finest quality while caring for the needs of our customers, our workforce and the environment. We can only achieve this by constantly striving to be the very best bakery in the fresh and frozen segment. This is our mission !

Our Goal

With each new product that we create, whether it be a Panetteria line item or a custom formulation, we remain focused on achieving: the best flavour, excellence in product performance, consistency in high quality and maintaining low costs to give our customers the benefit of increased profit margins.

Modern Baking Concepts

Panetteria is devoted to baking pastries, breads and bakery products with production processes that are geared towards modern baking concepts. We use top-quality natural ingredients and a process of long fermentation to bring about a unique taste.

Highly Qualified Team

The passion and imagination of our highly qualified team of professionals enables them to create new textures and colours. Our team collaborates side by side in every business process, from product innovation to logistics, working hard every day to get closer to our customers.

Exciting And Novel Concepts

At Panetteria, we always look towards the future for exciting and novel concepts. Our R & D team is constantly tracking changes in the marketplace, trying to determine the next new baking solution.

Customer Relationship

Panetteria works closely with its customers, carrying out regular vocational events and training in best practices. This training allows the final quality to be improved by developing the skills required at each stage of use, such as proofing, baking, finishing, presentation and many other aspects of baking technology.