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Franchisee Products

Folded, rolled & filled

Folded, rolled, filled, decorated, cut, stamped – there are no limits to the diversity of pastry products that Panetteria offers:

Bread & Rolls & Loaf

From laminated seeded rolls through twisted baguettes and bread loaves to pita, naan and lavash.

Croissants and other curled products

The choice of curled products is enormous: croissants filled and unfilled, rugelach, grain-sprinkled and soft salted sticks and many more besides.


Italian or American, round, oval or rectangular – put variety into your range of pizza products.


Colourful and round they often are, but donuts can be different too. Find out for yourself.

Ethnic food

Thin dough, samosa, filo, pita, papadum or lavash.


Prepared Products

Danish Pastry & Puff Pastry