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Our Philosophy

Healthy life

We are always thinking about our customers who want to look after their health without compromising on flavour. That is why we are permanently researching, innovating and improving our products to make them healthier. All our products are preservative-free and contain a level of partially hydrogenated fat below 1% – the recommended daily value. Moreover, our pastries and breads are baked with love.

Individual creation

By focusing on our customers’ requirements, we can create the added value our customers seek in their products. We create customer-specific process solutions, recipes, weight, shapes and toppings to give every product a distinct identity of its own.

Best quality

Top quality bake-off products: that’s what Panetteria is all about. Due to the use of the best and unique ingredients, our formidable production capacity and specialised state-of-the-art technology; we turn our passion into reality everyday!

Anytime delivery

It is vital that our products remain optimally available to our customers. That is why Panetteria continues to invest in customised logistic services for its customers. Thanks to a sophisticated logistics process, Panetteria can guarantee 24/7 delivery of its products to its customers anytime and anywhere. Keeping our products in stock, means short lead time which allows us to offer optimum delivery reliability to our customers, even during seasonal peaks.


When customers do business with Panetteria, they can rely on total transparency. We believe in intensive partnerships. We believe that being open about our product ingredients, baking methods, logistics, services and finances is vital to a constructive partnership and this in turn is essential for maintaining a healthy, long-term business relationship with our customers.

Best practices

By monitoring and initiating the latest trends, we can continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We work together with our customers to develop products that give them exactly what they are looking for. Our expert personnel, who have all received extensive in-house training, are able to turn novel concepts into new realities.

Each product is made according to a unique recipe, based on a mix of carefully selected ingredients. When it comes to the production of our products, the Panetteria team is very aware of our corporate social responsibility. We meet the most stringent certification requirements and satisfy all current environmental, health and safety regulations. While we take these achievements for granted, we naturally owe them a strong day-to-day commitment from our skilled and enterprising team.

In addition, our suppliers are selected with the greatest care. We only work with suppliers who, like Panetteria, meet the highest and most stringent standards. All our products are Clean Label and we only use FCS cardboard for packaging materials. Besides being audited by the independent certifying institutions, our suppliers are additionally audited by our own Quality Assurance department to ensure compliance with Panetteria’s stringent requirements.