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Hydrogenated Fat Free

According to the NAOS (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity) strategy, to the extent possible from a technological standpoint, the industry should make its best efforts to ensure that the fat contained in food for children under twelve contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and low levels of hydrogenated fatty acids. It is expected that in the medium and long term, saturated fats will be replaced by other unsaturated fats. The less fat, the healthier our heart will be. Panetteria is making all efforts to reduce less than 1% of hydrogenated fatty acids in our main products.



At Panetteria our push towards quality begins at the farms and factories of our suppliers. Our team of experienced professionals have developed a global source of clean label raw materials in the most standardized format along with vendors located across the globe to ensure that only the best, safest and most stringent quality product reaches our customers. Our quality team insists on checking every batch of raw material that reaches us including food or packaging. We store it in the most sterile of conditions and our in house laboratory checks every sample before releasing it to the production floor. The source of all our raw materials are from HACCP and ISO certified companies that are audited frequently by our teams.

Healthy Bread

Feel good by eating healthy food. At Panetteria we take care of our consumers' health. That is why we are permanently innovating and improving all our products to make them healthier. For people willing to lead a healthy life but without missing the best taste, Panetteria offers its healthy, ever-tasty line of products.


Pastry and bread generally contain some gluten because they are made with wheat flour. However, at Panetteria we have developed a gluten-free line of products based on rice flour and potato starch. So nobody will miss the taste of the best pastry and bread.

Reduced in sodium

The consequence of a high level of salt intake can result in high blood pressure, which can result in cardiovascular diseases. Following nutritional standards in Europe, USA and WHO, our goal is to reduce salt intake to 6g/day, which represents a reduction of 60% to current consumption. Panetteria is making all efforts to reduce 30% of salt content and added potassium citrate to breads containing wholemeal and cereals.

Enzymes and Pre mixes

Only certified companies with advanced research on enzymes free of additives are used by us. We strive to adhere to the strictest of global norms on clean label and the use of ingredients that are not harmful to health. The source of all our raw materials are from HACCP and ISO certified companies that are audited frequently by our teams.

No artificial colours

All our products are free of artificial colours.



Our flour is sourced from the best suppliers across the globe. It is Non-GMO and is free from the use of additives, fats, oils and butter.